UZZ Logo
Leader Changed Daily
Planet Located On Earth
Job group does Protect Earth
Employs Agents
Alignment Good

U.Z.Z. is the group Anita and Victor work for. They are the protagonist group. The U.Z.Z. base is large approximately 150 feet high, it is actually movable (In one episode, it moves to help Professor Professor which was a rocket that shows up in a couple of episodes). The president of U.Z.Z is a intellectual kid that handles keeping it generally a secret. and he also handles undercover work. Changed daily is in charge of the base and giving missions. U.Z.Z. stands for the Aztec word Umbo Zim Zam and is a pun on the word "us", as Doctor Doctor's evil group's name is "THEM" which stands for The Horrible Evil Menace.


The U.Z.Z Base