The Trousers of Doom
Episode 17
Season 1
U.K. Air date Novemeber 25, 2006
U.S. Air date March 17, 2007
Written By Dave Ingham
Daily's name Fudgy Burtles
Preceded by The Thing That Goes Ping
Billed with The Thing That Goes Ping
Followed by What's In The Box?

The Trousers of Doom is the 17th episode of The Secret Show. Victor and Anita are trying to find the Trousers of Doom before Doctor Doctor or all of the universe may disappear...

The Fluffy Bunny ShowEdit

Sweet Little Granny introduces her show agent disguised in wolf costume scares off the bunnies, Granny starts chasing the wolf then the other agents clear the background.

The Secret ShowEdit

Victor and Anita arrived in some sort of ancient ruin and find the Vest of Enlightenment, the skeleton in the background starts moving and grabs Victor and tries to run off but the skeleton breaks down and says 'Not again...'

The door closes even further until Victor used the skeleton's head to stop the door moving, Victor manages to get outside until he finds Doctor Doctor and grabs the Vest of Enlightenment but Anita got it off her and the scene returns to UZZ base. Changed Daily announces his name, which is Fudgy Burtles. Anita then asks 'What is The Trousers of Doom?' Changed Daily makes a signal and the planetarium turns on. 'Every 30 million years, a strange

constellation aligns over the Northern Star' which look like a clown's trouser, 'The last this happened, Atlantis disappeared, the time before that, the dinosaurs disappear'. Professor Professor starts interrupting the presentation, both saying the same thing. They later experiment Victor and Professor Professor asks 'Can you feel stirrings within the vest, Victor?' and he goes up in the air with his arms in a meditation position and reveals a clue, which leds to the Grand Master, the oldest man in the world.