Picture1 was a website that was designed by Complete Control to look like The Secret Show, It was launched on the 25th of October 2006.

The Fluffy Bunny Show Edit

Sweet Little Granny welcomes the user to the show and starts to sing her song. The website only has three sections, first one was the home page where you can see Granny playing her bango while rocking her chair, the bunnies hopping, and the U.Z.Z. agents sneaking in. The second one was a sing-along page of The Fluffy Bunny Show theme tune. And the last one was called Meet the Bunnies which explains about the history of the bunnies on The Fluffy Bunny Show. There is a red button that says Do Not Press, and if you click it, a cursor appears making the bunnies disappear by clicking on them. It turns out it was Special Agent Ray using the cursor. He then closes it and the website starts to run The Secret Show.

Login Edit

The first time you ever enter the site you do a quick scan of your hand followed by a then a check of your belly button (actually Victor Volt's) and last but not least a check on where you live. There are four options, the UK, the US, Rest of the World, and Mars. If you click on any of the first three you get to be taken to the website, however if you click on Mars, the martians from the episode Who Stole Switzerland? appear taking over the website, sometimes Changed Daily warns the user to get out. In one version of the realising the they are in the website instead, Victor tells Anita Knight about it and she wonders who put the section there on the first place, Professor Professor then reveals that it was him with attempt at a evil laugh. And after that, it redirects you back to the location option. If you have been to the website before, Ray ends up appearing in front of the U.Z.Z. gates saying a line from the episode The Secret Thing. ''Hey hey hey hey oi, pass please.'' You have three options at that point, to login to your account, sneak in as a anonymous agent, or pull a lever that you are not allowed to press. If you pull that lever, you lose all of your data as a U.Z.Z. agent on the site and start again from scratch on the security check.

Home Edit

At the home page of the website