This is an episode page of the secret show


At the start of the episode, even before Victor and Anita are in the meeting room, the setting is Anita and Victor using their skybikes to fly to what looks like a large abandoned round spacecraft. Profesor Profesor says to explore it but to becareful through a phone. While there, something drips from the ceiling; Victor picks it up and examines it. He says it smells like mint toothpaste; then he tastes it and says it taste like it too. Anita then takes a scanner and scans the substace's material. She says an ingredient of it, which is a big word. Victor thinks that the substance is now dangerous, but swallowed some. He overreacted and asked how long does he have left, and Anita says that the mystery substance infact is toothpaste. But then a buzzing sound was heard on the craft and Prof. Prof called and said to leave NOW!!