Mark An "X" Here
Gender Male
Species Human
Planet Earth
Occupation Clown, Former World Leader
First Appearance The Villain Nobody Took Seriously
Voiced By Rob Rackstraw

Mark An "X" Here (also refereed to as The Clown) is the name of a clown that threatened to take over the world, fortunately for him, he did it during an influx of villain attacks, therefore due to his appearance, and bizarre declarations, he wasn't placed high on the priority list, this allowed him the enter the World Leader election. He won because he changed his name to "Mark An 'X' Here" so people didn't know they were actually voting for him so he won fair and square (though technically through deceit). In spite of his bizarre nature, and laws many people considered him to be a worthwhile leader, until he sold the Earth to the Floaty-Heads for a single chocolate egg (Spong then admits he was willing to go up to three). Spong broke the deal when a plan laid by Victor saw all the villains attempting to attack. He later resold his position to the World Leader for a chocolate chip cookie.


During his reign he gain favor for his odd (yet harmless) policies, which included.

  • Curly Hats: Everyone must wear curly jester hats; later amended to include buildings.
  • Chocolate Taps: Every house will have taps that dispenses all kinds of chocolate.
  • Bim: The word "Bim" must be said in every sentence, for Bim is a happy word.
  • School concerts: School concerts must never last more than an hour.
  • Banning Fridays: Instead implementing "Double Saturdays".
  • Bom, bam, pom: added to the list of words, with bim.
  • Holiday for the rest of the year: Everyone can take the rest of the year off, Professor professor and Changed daily take immediate advantage of this rule.


  • The Villain Nobody Took Seriously