Kent B. Trusted
Gender Male
Species Human
Planet Earth
Occupation Double Agent, Expendable, Chief guard of the Secret Thing
First Appearance Secret Double Agent (as Kent B. Trusted)

Kent B. Trusted (or atleast a character that looks like him) has appear fairly often in the show, however in Double Secret Agent he was revealed to be a double agent working for Doctor doctor. During a night watch of Changed daily's mantelpiece (where the secret thing was hidden) he managed to snatch it, and take it with him to Doctor doctor's spider base. Unable to access the Secret Thing he tricked daily the agents into coming to retrieve it. Upon arrival daily is captured and incarcerated, Kent tricks daily into giving him the unlock code (though really the attack code). Anita and Victor spring daily from lock down, and they ride the mantle piece to a deserted island. Doctor doctor's new plan to fool daily into opening the secret thing's panel, proves fruitful and Kent makes off with the secret thing, the agents believe he is being chased by the other expendables, and after gathering more fuel for the mantle piece pick up Kent, just as he's about to give the Secret Thing to Doctor doctor.

At the end of the episode Kent is made Chief guard of the Secret thing.


(As Kent B. Trusted)Edit

  • Double Secret Agent