Keith Wickham
Keith Wickham
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 9, 1965
St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, U.K.
Character(s) Voiced Changed daily
IMDB profile nm1080077
Regular or Guest Regular
First Appearance The Secret Thing

Keith Wickham (born: February 9, 1965) is a British voice actor screenwriter.

Work on Secret Show Edit

He is well known for voicing Changed daily in The Secret Show.

Work outside The Secret Show Edit

He also voices Mr. Small and Mr. Tall in The Mr. Men Show (UK version), Corneil in Corneil & Bernie (aka Watch My Chops), Mr. Mouseling and most of the male voices in Angelina Ballerina, Nelson the Elephant, Victor the Crocodile and others in 64 Zoo Lane and Frank Koala, Archie the Crocodile and Sammy the Shopkeeper in The Koala Brothers.

He is Polluto in Tommy Zoom, the first in-house BBC animation production, The Professor, Pipsquawk, Trevor and Mr. Crumble in Frankenstein's Cat and is also in Jungle Junction, currently in production (Early 2009) for Playhouse Disney and Spider Eye Productions.

Other cartoons include: Vampires, Pirates & Aliens, Tails and The Thousand Tasks, and The Way Things Work. He has appeared in about 20 CD-ROM games including Fable and Fable II, and his voice is on numerous TV commercials. He appeared on stage as Kenneth Williams in Round the Horne Revisited.

He has also just started work voicing the new series of Thomas The Tank Engine for HIT Entertainment, called 'Thomas And Friends'. He is playing The Fat Controller (Sir Topham Hat for US Viewers), Edward, Gordon, Percy, James, and Henry. For trivia fans, Ben Small, who plays Thomas, also played Bernie on Corneil and Bernie (aka Watch My Chops).

Keith also worked as an actor and writer on the radio series Bits from Last Week's Radio recorded by Ear Drum productions for BBC Radio 1.

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