Home Planet Earth (90 miles underground)
Skin Colour Gray
Hair Colour None
Known Members Red Eye
Imposter Queen
First Appearance The Secret Thing

Impostors are creatures that live 90 miles underground. They have the ability of mimicry, and are able to "impost" humans, using "Hologrammatic Replication".


Impostors while in their suits give off a humanoid appearance, however inside they're actually maggot-esque creatures, with one eye. They like the cold, and often break out around Antartica. They speak in a language that typically sounds like gibberish when not imposting humans, however it appears that Doctor doctor may understand them.


The impostors live 90 miles undeground in a vast cavernous area. They don't appear to inhabit the entire span of the area, the walls are covered in drawings, and the imposters inhabit an area behind a giant stonewall.

Technology Edit

  • The impostors metal suits grant them the ability of mimicry, to the point that they can impost a persons mannerisms, biology, and speech patterns to the point that even people really close to them can barely tell the difference.
  • They also have platforms that levitate.
  • They have balls that can flash freeze areas depending on their size.
  • They are allergic to penguins, wich is ironic considering they like the cold.