Dr Hypno Returns Again!
Episode 13
Season 1
U.K. Air date November 11, 2006
U.S. Air date March 3, 2007
Written By Ben Townsend & Tony Collingwood
Daily's name Timmy's Cheeky Chimpmunk
Preceded by Mirror Mirror
Billed with Secret Sleep
Followed by Secret Sleep

Dr Hypno Returns Again! is the 13th episode of The Secret Show, after Dr. Hypno threatens to take revenge on the World, for not taking him seriously, U.Z.Z. decides to call in the one person who has defeated him, retired agent, Zack Meadows. Everyone love having him around, except for Victor. Can Anita, Victor and their new partner Zack Meadows help stop Dr Hypno, before he does something dangerous?

Fluffy Bunny ShowEdit

Sweet Little Granny, as usual, introduces her show, but before she can sing her song, she is revealed to be Ray in disguise and Ray and his agents clear the set so they can run the Secret Show. Then everyone laughs at Ray because he's still wearing the Granny mask. He pulls it off then yells his catchphrase "Run the Secret Show!".

The StoryEdit