And That's For Helsinki
Episode 7
Season 1
U.S. Air date February 17, 2007
Written By Tony Collingwood
Secret Number 1698
Daily's name Fluffy Tummy
Preceded by Bad Hair Day
Billed with The Ball of Spong
Followed by The Ball of Spong

"And that's for Helsinki" is the seventh episode of The Secret show, and of series one. and fourth coupled with "The Ball of Spong". It aired on February 17, 2007. Victor and Anita are targeted by a man who yells "And that's for Helsinki!" after each attack but they do not know why.

Fluffy Bunny Show Edit

Uzz agents vacuum up Grannies bunnies, then she get's suck through a larger vacuum from overhead

The StoryEdit

Victor and Anita are pushed out of an airplane by Helsinki Man as the two fall Victor calls Professor Professor who's in a call with Doctor Doctor, they fire their ray guns at the ground while Professor and Changed daily remember the times when Helsinki Man accosted Victor and Anita, meanwhile their guns run out of charge and they fall down the holes their ray guns made.

They struck an oil line and the oil pushes them out of the holes. Professor Professor invents Chocolate chip flying cookies which make a person's head inflate like a balloon. After an incident in the cafeteria Changed daily calls Victor and Anita into his office.

Victor and Anita travel to Helsinki airport, the people see them, and begin chasing them, despite their never being there before, they also discover they are wanted. Victor and Anita eat the cookies, however Helsinki man grabs Victor's foot, and causes him to drop the cookies, the people follow suit and eat the cookies, Victor sticks Helsinki Man's head to the ceiling with static electricity.

Professor Professor reveals that he had to remove large chunks of their brains for cleaning, with authorization from Changed daily. A Helsinki strike force comes after UZZ,and they detach the main pods. As Professor gets ready to replace the chunks a missile from a Helsinki striker causes him to mix up the chunks. The two remember the events which includes them failing to stop Doctor Doctor, who's mind bomb goes off. Numerous mind bombs go off setting people on the march after the World Leader and Professor Professor. To draw away their fire, Victor and Anita leave the base, and wind up back in Helsinki airport, the peoples heads deflate and the descend on the two, however they have no memory of the day's events, or of Victor and Anita.

Uzz rains cookies down on the people affected by the bomb, and people are no longer on the move to get "the world Leader or victor and Anita. To show that their are no hard feelings between Anita and Changed Daily, she gives him a flying cookie, and his head becomes balloonized, and he groans.

Additional InfoEdit


  • The secret code was located on a plane in Helsinki airport during Victor and Anita's first arrival.